In this time of changing energies and massive upheavals, there are many souls who want to be on the earth to experience this exciting time in history. There are also many souls who wish to leave, who are tired of all the changes and trauma. Rather than choosing to be born as a baby, then spending 20 years growing up and hoping to get on the right path, many of these souls are choosing to 'walk-in' to an existing body. This can be a very interesting experience for the loved ones of that body.

My first experience with a walk-in was about 9 years ago. My daughter, Samantha, is profoundly retarded and has been very seriously ill for at least 11 years. When she was 7, she began to have pneumonia at least once a month. I was told each time that she would not


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survive. But, she did, each time. Several years later, her leg broke, which was a horrible experience for both of us. A short while after her leg healed, she became overdosed on her seizure medication and was admitted to the hospital. By the next morning, her lungs were filled with fluid and she was again not expected to survive.

Samantha 'spoke' to me and told me that she had left her body, but that her body was going to continue to live. She said she would feel no more pain. I was not sure what she meant by this, and expected her not to live through the night. The next morning, Samantha woke up laughing, and it was the last time she was that seriously ill.

Samantha was my 'twin soul'. We knew every thought the other had, every sensation the other felt. We had a total connection. Suddenly, that connection was gone. She no longer wanted me around her. She would not communicate with me psychically. This was very distressful for me. I had no idea why she had changed so drastically. I suspected that it was a 'soul change' but had no way to be sure. Six months later, a healer confirmed that it had been a soul change.

I was very angry about this. I could not understand why this had to happen this way instead of me being released from the burden of caring for this seriously ill child. Once I calmed down, I was able to connect with the new soul and get some answers.

Since that time, Samantha has had numerous soul changes. I constantly ask why a soul would want a body which is that sick and immobile. I am told that it is because she is not expected to interact on a physical level, so they can do things on a psychic level which is what they are here for.

A few weeks ago, Samantha had another soul switch. This one was the most traumatic in a long time. Samantha requires 24 hour nursing care. In two weeks, I lost 3 of my 4 nurses! We have only been able to replace 1 so far. Shortly after the soul switch, Samantha got the worse case of pneumonia that she has had since her first switch.

I asked why her body has a 'revolving door' on it for souls to come and go. I was told that the body's reason for being here is not finished, but that the body uses so much energy that one soul can not stay in it for long periods of time. So, this is just something that I have had to learn to live with, and will continue to live with until the body has no more reason to stay on earth.

If someone you know suddenly changes totally, there is a good possibility that there was a soul switch. I am seeing it more and more lately. It is not necessary for the person to be sick. They may just go to bed and wake up different. They may decide to totally change everything in their life- way of dressing, interests, friends, or mate. You may suddenly feel that you are not the same. You may have different tastes or interests than normal. These are all signs of a walk-in.

September 2002
Claudia McNeely