Trusting the Universe

It is very important to recognize that we create what we focus on. If you focus on not having money to pay your bills, you will continue to not have money to pay your bills. If you talk about being broke, you will always be broke.

A year ago, my daughter, Samantha, made her transition after a lifetime of illness. At that time, our income came through caring for Samantha instead of her being in a nursing home. When she died, we lost all of our income.

I was terrified. I had no idea how we were going to pay our bills. I felt helpless and frightened.


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I knew that if I focused on my fear, I would never survive. I knew that the Universe will provide for us if we could only Trust. So, Trust I did, and miracles happened in my life!

Gratitude is very important for creating prosperity consciousness. Each day, I would spend time being grateful for what I had.

I would tell myself “Today, my bills are paid.”

“Today, I have money in the bank.”

“Today, I have food to eat.”

I would find all the things I could to be grateful for that day. If a large bill was due next week, and I didn’t know where the money would come from, I only focused on the fact that today I didn’t have to be concerned.

When I paid a bill, I was thankful that I had the money to pay the bill on that day. I paid the bill with a positive attitude instead of begrudging the fact that I had to spend the last money in my bank account.

I have learned many ways of creating prosperity consciousness over the last year.

Honor your money. Keep the money neatly in your wallet, not wadded up in your pocket. Put the highest denomination bills on top, and arrange them in order to the lowest denomination. Fold the money in half so that the highest denomination is on the outside, blessing the money as you do so. You might say something like “Divine Love, through me, blesses and increases all that I receive.”

Each time you get paid, treat yourself to a dinner out, a new shirt, a massage, etc. It does not have to be anything expensive, just some way of honoring yourself. This will help you to feel good enough about yourself to Trust that more money will be coming to you. It also shows the Universe that you Trust that you will have the money you need when you need it.

If you see a penny on the ground, instead of walking over it and ignoring it; pick it up and be thankful for the wonderful gift from the Universe. When you can be grateful for small change, you are showing the Universe that you will be grateful for larger amounts.

Each night, as you are going to sleep, go through your day and be grateful for all the small triumphs that you experienced that day. Show gratitude that your coworker was pleasant that day, that your lunch tasted especially good, that you saw a flower blooming. The more you find to be thankful for, the more the Universe will give you to be thankful for.

If you do experience what feels like a financial set back, see it as an opportunity to practice Trust on a deeper level. The ability to Trust no matter what has gotten me through the last year. It has created miracles in my life and in my finances.

I guarantee that Trusting the Universe completely and totally will create miracles in your life too!

Claudia McNeely