New Moon Abundance Check

The New Moon is the perfect time to manifest new things into your life. This is also the perfect time to write yourself a New Moon Manifestation Check.

There are many ways to write your Abundance Check. You can use a check from your check book, or use the check below.

If you decide to use a check from your checkbook, take out a check. In the 'Date' area, write 'Now'. In 'Pay to the Order of', write your name. As the dollar amount, write 'Paid in Full'. Sign the Check 'The Universe'. You can also sign it 'God', 'Your Angel', 'The Law of Abundance', or whatever you are comfortable with.


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If you decide to use the check below, copy it to your computer and print out a copy. You can leave the date blank or write now. In ‘Pay to the Order of’, write your name. Leave the amount blank, for unlimited abundance, or write ‘Paid in Full’. Where the account number should be, write 111 for God, 444 for Angels and/or 555 for the Ascended Masters. Then where your signature goes, sign the check, "Law of Abundance."

Place the check in a safe place. You can put it on your altar, in a Reiki Box, in your Bible, etc.

Now, watch for financial miracles to occur!

Write a new check on each New Moon. You can burn the check from the previous month as you thank The Universe for all the miracles you received.