Medical Assistance Programming - MAP

MAP is a very powerful healing technique which uses the assistance of the White Brotherhood and nature spirits. This technique is from "MAP: The Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program" by Machaelle Small Wright. A MAP coning can be used for anything from a headache to severe physical or emotional dis-ease.

I first learned about MAP in the early '90's when the book was first published. I truly credit my MAP team with saving my sanity when Samantha was so critically ill.

Your first MAP session will be for a White Brotherhood healing team to be appointed to you and for them to scan your system. There will be no actual healing work done in the first


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session. Allow yourself at least 45 minutes when you will be undisturbed. You can set an alarm clock if you wish. Lie very still and ask to connect with the energy of the 'Overlighting Deva of Healing', 'Pan' (a nature spirit), 'Your White Brotherhood MAP Team', and 'your Higher Self'. You may feel energy moving through your body as they scan your system or you may feel nothing. When your time is up, ask your MAP team to give you a symbol that you can use to connect with them.

In your next session, connect with the energies as above. You can now ask for healing of specific dis-ease. Talk to your MAP team, tell them how you are feeling, what emotions or sensations you feel as they work on you, etc. They gauge how willing or how deeply you wish to work on specific issues by what you tell them. Allow about an hour for each session.

If you know how to use a pendulum or self-kinesiology, you can communicate with your MAP team to receive recommendations on vitamins, essences, healing techniques, etc.