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Psychic Angel Reading


We Are Surrounded By
Angels At All Times


Many people tell me that they can't feel their Angels and have no

Psychic Angel Reading
proof that they are around us. They feel alone and abandoned by their Angelic helpers. However we are always surrounded by Angels, whether we realize it or not. Many of us will feel their loving presence but just not recognize them.

That is exactly what an Angel Reading will do. It will help you connect with your Angels and learn to receive their loving guidance.

A Psychic Angel Reading is Always a Positive Experience It is comforting to know that we have Angels who are there to assist us at all times. Life on Earth can be very difficult and many times we feel that we have no one on our side to support and love us.

Angel Reading - Psychic Angel Readings

What this reading is about:

In this reading I will introduce you to your personal Angels. You will discover how many of them are with you at this time and how many are waiting to join you when the time is right.

You will also learn where on your body your Angels touch you, and how you can access their loving, protective energy.

You will get to know if your Angel has a feminine energy, a male energy or an androgynous energy. Each of these energies has a specific purpose in your life and together we will uncover what that is.

You will receive any messages your Angels have for you as well as learn a simple technique for communicating with them yourself.


How You Will Benefit From An Angel Reading:

Meeting your Angels will empower you to make decisions in your life and move forward. You will have no doubt that they are always with you, offering love and guidance at all times. You really are never alone. All you must do is open the door to your heart and mind and your Angels will help you find answers to life's troubles.



"My Psychic Angel Reading was wonderful. I now know why I always trip with my right foot! I know it is a sign that my Angel is there with me." Julie, UK.

"I am so glad I had an Angel Reading with Claudia! It is nice to be able to recognize my Angel's touch and know that they are there for me." Mary, Belgium


What an Angel Reading Will Not Tell You


In an Angel Reading, I will not tell you about your relationships or career. If you have questions about these or other subjects, you will need to order a Clairvoyant Psychic Reading.


Order an Angel Reading by Claudia


Angel Reading by Phone or Skype $100.00
For a limited time!  $80.00

Angel Reading by Email $100.00
For a limited time!  $80.00

Who's the face behind the readings?

Claudia McNeely Spiritual House Cleansing

Hi, I am Claudia, a respected Psychic and Healer who has learned to use all of my gifts through the years. Through Clairvoyance (clear vision), Clairsentience (clear feeling), Clairaudience (clear hearing) and Claircognizance (clear knowing) I am able to receive messages and information from your Angels and Guides as well as from friends and loved one's on the Other Side.

I put a high standard on being ethical and confidential. You can be sure that I never take advantage of my clients or share personal information to third parties. My aim is to empower you and help you depend on yourself rather than making you dependent on me.

You can order reading or healing sessions by Phone or Skype. Please allow a few days for me to contact you to schedule your appointment. 

Angel Reading | Psychic Angel Readings