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"Claudia's methods of alternative healing are not like anyone else I have ever worked with. She has so many alternative healing techniques that she can use that you can't help but get better. She always knows just what to do and the right time to do it. Working with her was amazing! I have spent years with other healers and didn't receive hardly any benefits. Each session with Claudia was life-changing. Order a session and find out for yourself!" Amy, Wisconsin.

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What is Alternative Healing

Alternative Healing is basically any form of healing that falls outside of the allopathic field of medicine. Alternative Healing can include Energy Healing, Spiritual Healing, Massage, Spinal Adjustments or Herbs.

Alternative Energy Healing, or Alternative Spiritual Healing, balances the energy bodies to achieve healing on all levels. This balancing may be needed on any level - physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

Alternative Energy Healing is Safe

There is much in the news about the dangers of medications that are on the market today. Large numbers of people die each year as a result of prescription medication.

Because of this, many people are turning to alternative methods of healing because they are safe and because they work. All forms of Alternative Energy Healing and Alternative Spiritual Healing are safe and beneficial.

Healing The Whole Person

Alternative forms of healing treat the whole person. Allopathic medicine, while very beneficial in trauma situations, treats symptoms instead of treating the whole person. Alternative healing methods allow us to heal on all levels. Alternative Energy Healing and Alternative Spiritual Healing assist us to heal in our body, mind and spirit.

Alternative Spiritual Healing

Alternative Spiritual Healing focuses on the spiritual level of your energy field. Spiritual Healing can totally change your life in a single moment. It is very powerful and incredibly beneficial.

Alternative Healing Sessions Claudia Offers

Energy Healing

I have spent many years developing my Energy Healing System. It is a combination of many powerful alternative healing techniques I have learned or developed with the assistance of my Angels, Guides and Master Healers over the years. I have used these techniques on myself, my family and my clients with amazing success. I know this is a very effective method of healing.

Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval is the most life-changing alternative healing technique I use. Everyone experiences soul loss throughout their lives. Returning those soul pieces has totally changed the life of many of my clients. The technique I have developed for performing a Soul Retrieval is very gentle and healing.

Pet Healing

Pets respond to my Energy Healing System as well as, or better than humans do. I have assisted many animals to heal through the years using these techniques.



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"I am so amazed at the changes Claudia created in my life through Alternative Spiritual Energy Healing! Years of emotional issues disappeared almost like magic. I feel so blessed to have been led to Claudia!" T.M.

"Claudia helped me understand that emotions we carry deep within causes a definite reaction to our body and our life. Claudia cleared alot of issue's and taught me how to clear and heal myself which allows me take responsibility and control over my health and life. I have recommended Rev. Claudia to everyone who is open to healing their life." D.C.


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